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There is no restriction on who may create a listing. We do request that you conscientiously complete it and keep it up to date.
You may have more than one listing but in the same section.
Yes, however only for a limited time. While aspests of each section will always be free you will also be able to select payment options depending on the level and type of content you wish to show.
Please restrict landscape orientated images to a maximum width of 1000px and portrait orientated images to no more than of 700px high.
Yes you certainly can and there are several options available. We differ fom many websites in that we are flexible to your advertising requirements. Please send us a message.
Payment is made in US dollars via Paypal. This platform ensures timely payments using a proven secure environment.
Check out our help pages or just contact our support team for more details. We welcome your, thoughts, feedback and ideas.
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